A company’s ability to deal with the challenges imposed by the fast-changing environment, to secure the necessary progression and to succeed in the intended transformation is determined by the capabilities of is human resources.

The Interlinden Academy delivers high-quality state-of-the-art education and skill-development products and services in different formats and scope. Beyond just training people, our focus is on the effective development of the people’s and organization’s capabilities.

Our strong competence for the development of the skills of professionals derives, on one hand, from years of experience designing and delivering knowledge-based tailored multi-format measures to develop the capabilities of firms in different sector and of organizations involved in economic promotion, including higher-education-institutions, governmental institutions, meso-level organizations and business membership organizations, among other actors. Additionally, our experts have vast experience creating educational products and lecturing for post-graduate programs in higher-education-institutions. On the other hand, and crucially, Interlinden’s experts have long years of experience working hand-on-hand with hundreds of firms and other organizations to develop their capabilities and have also coached and consulted their executives, owners and teams. This deep knowledge on how to develop capabilities enables them to guarantee practice-oriented, ready-to-apply knowledge and resources.

Products and Services

Products for executives

Tailored trainings, workshops, coaching, in any combination for the executives of your company or organization, always practice-oriented.

Products for firms’ teams and staff

Trainings for awareness creation and further phases of the transformation processes, adjusted to the employees of your firm or organization.

On-site and distance solutions

On-site, distance, self-managed and online activities are determined by topics, objectives and resources. Delivery in any country in German, English, Spanish, Arabic or Polish. Other languages upon request.

Production of multimedia courses

Design and production of multimedia self-learning and lectured courses of diverse length and depth, with text-books, presentations, videos, podcasts, games, group exercises, simulations and case studies.

Capacity building measures

Trainings, workshops and coaching for human resources of organizations involved in economic promotion, business development services, private sector development, and entrepreneurship and innovation promotion.

Trainings for groups of firms

Education products specially adjusted to be delivered to groups of firms of a sector, cluster, region, chamber, association, adjusted to the heterogeneity and extent of readiness of the final beneficiaries.

Key advantages

Double Certificate

Our education and training products include certificates with issued by Interlinden GmbH and the Chair Innovation Management and Innovation Economics at the Leipzig University, from Germany.

Tailored means tailored

Our tailored products can be truly adjusted to the structure, resources, readiness level, transformation stage and roadmap of your firm.

Gamification and case studies

Our education products are supported by case-based learning and with simulations and gamified features, according to the level of complexity and depth defined by the client.

Comprehensive solutions

Our products are designed as a suite, to be combined in a modular way, to cover the different areas of innovation, lean practices, internationalization, entre- and intrapreneurship, and sustainability. Certificates by module are also possible.