Lean Management

Lean is the most successful organizational approach to improve efficiency and quality by eliminating waste and coping with variations to minimize defects in the outcome. Adopting lean thinking and culture in everyday business processes and administration activities reduces costs, increasing productivity, operational excellence, and therefore competitiveness. This will also lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

For upgrades and deeper incursion into digitalization and Industry 4.0, for example, lean concepts and methods are commonly a necessary step to ensure the organizations are ready for the transformation. Furthermore, lean concepts and methods normally lead to more efficient innovation management and to higher performance regarding sustainability.

Interlinden supports companies of all sizes and public organizations to adopt lean concepts and methods, and to start their lean transformation. We provide consulting and support during the implementation, complemented by workshops, training and coaching measures to ensure the successful application of the designed strategy and model.

Products and services

Lean production

Support to adjust and implement methods to reach operational excellence in firms with production activities, for example, smart automatization, short lead times, small batch sizes, low inventories, and many others.

Lean Management

Support to adjust and implement methods for continuous improvement of the managerial and administrative cycles and processes to reach business excellence, including the establishment of a lean system.

Lean transformation

Strategy, capabilities, resources and implementation towards a lean system for the company or organization, including paradigm shift, mindset transformation, concepts, methods and resources to walk from the start on the way to a value-driven-system.

Lean for public sector organization

Support for public sector organizations in areas such as education & research, health, infrastructure and public service providers in general to increase efficiency, performance and value for the citizens.

Key advantages

Adjusted service format

Our support and inputs are adjusted to the nature, needs and context of our clients and include consulting, coaching, co-management, training, methods, tools, and selection of the right digital solutions and components.

Holistic and systematic solutions

Our services comprehend the strategy, culture, resources, knowledge and technologies needed for a consistent and harmonic transformation towards a lean organization, in a symbiotic way with innovation and sustainability systems and strategies

Big results with limited investment

Public organizations can increase performance and quality of services in all areas without making large investments.