The process entrepreneurs must follow to go from their original idea up to the establishment of a company, and then to accelerate its growth, consists of several stages and decisions that must be prepared and made at the right moment, based on sufficient information and assisted by relevant experience and specific knowledge.

At Interlinden, we have comprehensive experience working along the integrated process applied to support entrepreneurs, from the early stages, over the start-up phase, to further development and acceleration. For the later stages of the process, our extensive networks allow us to engage the appropriate specialized knowledge-carriers and successful entrepreneurs, also in other continents.

We deliver tailor-made solutions for education & research institutions, economic promotion agencies, chambers, sector organizations, municipalities, state-run structures or programs and private support organizations; Interlinden designs strategies, structures and models for organizations and programs intended to support entrepreneurship such as pre-incubators, incubators, accelerators and other related. We provide customized capacity building measures for such organizations, adjusting the solutions to the needs and resources of the host institution.

Resources to support entrepreneurs

For each phase of the process, we provide extensive toolsets and techniques covering ideation and creativity, business model development, team structuring, business planning, innovation, international business model design, financial planning, managerial profile development tools, and other resources oriented to the idea-holders and entrepreneurs, including modern approaches such as gamification and simulations embedded in trainings, coaching and mixed models.

Resources to support entrepreneurship promotion structures

Our solutions include planning and joint-implementation of entrepreneurship promotion events and cycles, intended to enhance the learning effect and capability development of the host organizations through learning-by-doing, work-shadowing and other approaches.

Besides strategy and organization design, for managers, coaches and lecturers in entrepreneurship promotion organizations at any given institution, Interlinden develops customized toolsets for key functions such as awareness creation, screening, assessment, prioritization, portfolio management, monitoring, impact evaluation, key-performance-indicators assessment, using different formats, and additionally to any other input required to foster entrepreneurship with an efficient deployment of human resources, maximizing the outputs in terms of the support delivered and increasing the number and quality of star-ups promoted.

Services and Products

Preincubation phase support

Measures to raise awareness and stimulate individuals to nurture a business idea. Ideation and creativity boosters with toolkits of creativity techniques, design thinking and other approaches.

Incubation phase support

Support for business modelling including 3D gamification tools, team structuring, business plan development, preparation for fundraising with potential investors, pitch training to communicate the business idea.

Market approach and first customers

Support for designing marketing and distribution concepts and approaching the first customers, including listing, pre-evaluation, contact and negotiation, in the required continents and countries.

Upscaling and fundraising strategy

Support to understand the outlook and adapt the strategy to expand, upscale and internationalize the start-up, linked to the fundraising strategy to secure the required resources.

Design of incubators and related structures

Development of strategy, business model and implementation plan for organizations or structures of entrepreneurship promotion at universities, research centers, public institutions or private organizations.

Entrepreneurship support services optimization

Redesign and optimisation of processes, resource allocation, pre- and selection criteria and tools, service portfolio, start-up portfolio management, and financial strategy for incubators and related structures.


Correct from the beginning

All our services and input carry in their DNA the components of innovation, sustainability and digitalization. Furthermore, our internationalization services are an indivisible part of our entrepreneurship services.

Strategic location and connection

While it is located in the heart of Europe, Interlinden can access players of international value chains, technology suppliers and any kind of specialized knowledge, including access to finance, and in different continents.

Customized service formats

For entrepreneurship support organizations and structures, the format of our service, support and inputs is adjusted to their nature, needs and context, including trainings, coaching, co-management, plans, strategies and the corresponding digital tools and components.

Start-up + R&D support

For those Start-ups strongly or solely reliant on results from R&D processes, Interlinden offers differentiated support processes, including innovation management, strategy and support for finding funding and partners along critical stages such as the so-called “valley of death”.