Starting from the first irregular and indirect export activities, passing through stages such as licencing, contract manufacturing, joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers, or any other kind of business configuration, firms must walk a long way to end up establishing their own sales subsidiaries abroad or building up their own greenfield operations in the targeted markets. The development of the international activities of a company is a process that implies evolution of the firm itself, it demands growing engagement and commitment of resources, and it also brings higher complexity and risk when the company reaches a higher level of internationalization.

Important decisions will have to be made regarding the entry mode in a new market, choosing among different strategies that must be defined after a thorough analysis of external factors such as market size and trends, socio-cultural or psychic distance, competition landscape, trade barriers, country related risks and intermediaries. Simultaneously, internal factors such as the capabilities and resources of the company, its international experience, the portfolio of products and services, and its advantages for consistent competition must be carefully analyzed.

All companies need a tailor-made strategy that brings them from the point where they stand now to the desired level of internationalization, and once that strategy is ready, concrete plans and measures must be executed, for example, finding, evaluating and engaging the right partners in the target markets, activating and developing networks, choosing and signing the right legal instruments, and starting operations: things have to be set in motion, and Interlinden will walk with you through the whole process.

Products and services

Internationalization strategy

Development of the strategy showing the roadmap starting from the present situation and adjusted to the resources, business model and expectations of your company and shareholders.

Market Intelligence

Fully customized international B2B and B2C market and competitors analysis getting the right data and specialists to generate key information for your decisions.

Market Entry Strategy

Selection of the right market-entry mode, including the detailed plan and business model adjustment for the penetration and exploitation of new foreign markets.


Find, evaluate and engage the different types of partners needed to access the targeted markets with the planned strategy. Development of  your network in the target market.


Support for negotiations with all partners, on- and offline distribution channels, buyers and any sort of actor in the target market.

Development of internationalization capabilities

Design and implementation of programs to develop internationalization capabilities in firms of a region, sector or local players of international value chains. Capacity building for export promotion institutions.

Key Advantages

Intercontinental reach

We have networks in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas to find the right resources, connections and partners.

Located at the heart of Europe

We are located in the heart of Europe and can access players of international value chains, technology suppliers and any kind of specialized knowledge.

Hybrid service models

If the situation demands it, Interlinden can trigger a start-up or innovation process to accommodate your plans of internationalization.

All-in-One solutions

From strategy, over business tours in target markets to business development, we arrange all stages up to establishment, implementation and operations.