The backbone of a firm’s competitiveness is its ability to innovate, and the base for the competitiveness of a region, a value chain or a sector is the innovation power of the companies and other involved actors.

The reality of the markets, the global linkages and technological change determine the pace of innovation needed in the firms to stay afloat, catch up and grow. Beyond innovation in products, services and processes, firms must not only achieve innovation of various types and with different scopes, but also work relentlessly in the improvement of their innovation muscles and increase the efficiency of the effort and resources invested in innovation.

Our offer on innovation for firms

  • From the development and preparation of your internal innovation system for a successful Certification ISO-56000 to assisted innovation portfolio management for your company.
  • We offer a tailored suite of products and services to increase the innovation capability of your firm up to the benchmark and beyond, including coaching, co-management, training, digital tools and integration to other fields and solutions.

Our offer on innovation for institutions

  • Development of region and sector strategies, schemes and models including the architecture of public and private linkages.
  • Capacity building in firms and other stakeholders to increase the innovation capabilities and performance.
  • Multi-sided innovation strategies and models connected to regional sustainability, entrepreneurship promotion, technology transfer and industrial policy and structures.

Products and Services

Innovation system ISO 56000

Development and adaptation of the internal innovation system of your organization based on ISO 56000 Series, making it ready for certification.

Sustainable innovation

Improve your organization’s footprint and multiply its positive impact on society, environment and market by embedding sustainability in your innovation system.

Business model innovation

Guidance and resources to innovate in your business model and transform your company towards the future.

Innovation portfolio management

Support and co-management of your innovation portfolio to ensure a smooth development of your innovation management capabilities and system.

Product & service innovation

Get the managerial component for specific innovation projects for new products and services identified by your company as key to your business and the future.

Innovation capacity development

Development of regional and sector innovation systems, capacity building for innovation-supporting actors and training and coaching measures for groups of firms.

Key advantages

Innovation as-a-service

Outsource functions of your innovation management activities to Interlinden while we help you develop your innovation system, culture and strength.

At the vanguard and ready

Digitalization and sustainability are ubiquitous in our solutions and approach, ensuring the readiness of your firm for today’s and future challenges.

Innovation and transformation

Become a better innovator and increase your innovation output; Interlinden guides you through this process of transformation and evolution.

Holistic and systematic solutions

Our solutions comprehend the structures, people, processes, resources, knowledge  and technologies needed for a consistent and harmonic innovation system.