Our Approach

In interlinden we approach our work based on a process composed by 4 major stages.

First, it is necessary to see carefully in order to understand and explore the big picture of a certain problem or issue. In Interlinden we define problems as the gap between the current and the desired situation, which is regarded as an opportunity for future improvement and innovation. After a fundamental analytical understanding of all aspects surrounding the problem area, we determine the causes based on fundamental considerations.

As a second step, we design and create tailor-made countermeasures and solutions leading the path for necessary corrections and positive transformation towards the desired outcomes.

The practical implementation of the measures, together with evaluation, is the third generic stage of the process. Here, Interlinden supports its clients from detailed planning and monitoring to joint-implementation and co-management of the measures.

Improvement and evolution complete the process, running uninterrupted along the process to ensure the sustainability of outcomes.

Seeing & Understanding

Problems and opportunities must be clearly identified before a solution or transformation can be designed and implemented.

The right definition and categorization of a problem and the variables involved are crucial for the next stages of the process; this allows to connect the concept to all relevant knowledge areas and to set the focus on the right issues.

To understand a problem or opportunity accurately, Interlinden makes use of scientific methods. We deconstruct the phenomena to analyse them, before integrating the elements in a systemic view to perceive and understand the reality adjusted to its context, with its several implications, potential impacts, and at the right level of complexity. Quantitative and qualitative approaches allow us to adjust to any given situation and requirement of our clients, whether institutional or corporate.

After understanding, the next step may involve redirecting the attention and changing the focus.

Context analysis
Focus test / re-focusing
Problem and Opportunity Definition
Monitoring & scouting

Designing & Creating

The design of an approach to solve a problem or to exploit an opportunity triggers the creation process.

Strategies are designed to get the desired outcomes. Organization, structures and processes are carefully encompassed with capabilities, people, technologies, and other resources needed to enable the transformations and consolidation.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary team and wide network of specialists around the globe, in Interlinden we configure the teams for each case based on the professional background and experiences of the members, considering the enriching effect of internationality and multidisciplinary mixtures.

A comprehensive palette of tools and techniques, supported by scientific knowledge, a vast empirical base and our research and development capabilities, allow Interlinden to create tailored solutions adjusted to the context and implementation possibilities of our clients. We create models, roadmaps, and processes to lead the path to transformation.

Design of conceptual approach
Strategy design
Process design
Organizational design


Interlinden goes beyond the design of the right solutions, strategies and implementation plans: we are committed to consistent implementation.
Joint implementation

In those projects intended to contribute to the development of regions, countries, sectors or value chains, we engage in the implementation activities as much as the client requires it: from knowledge transfer and training, over coaching, to joint project implementation and monitoring.

Implementing changes in organizations often requires capabilities and resources that are incipient or missing in those structures. Interlinden will make sure these are in place.

Transformation processes or new projects in companies may require a combination of knowledge transfer, guidance, testing, and co-management to achieve sustainable and effective results. Interlinden’s philosophy is based on the joint action with the clients.

Our interdisciplinary and intercultural nature allow us to lead implementation processes adapting flexibly to the requirements of each individual project and its context.


New opportunities to improve strategies, processes and structures are discovered during the different stages of the process.

Our collection of models and techniques, combined with our dexterity to create new approaches, allows us to select the right set of tools to upgrade, simplify, optimize, or adapt our client’s models, strategies, structures, and processes.

Improvements and evolution are permanently at the focus under Interlinden’s eyes. The dimensions of improvement and evolution are always connected to the principles of sustainability from the environmental, social, economic, and financial perspectives.