Our fields

Based on the newly published ISO innovation management standards, we offer companies our consulting services to train their staff, develop solutions and accompany them by the implementation of innovative ideas and innovation management systems.


  • We deliver customized trainings: Training offers aim for building capacities of managers and employees willing to design innovation management systems in their organization, which will be the framework for applying continuous improvement and allowing for unfolding innovation potentials of the organization by setting the appropriate structure for innovation culture and processes.
  • Let us offer you our experience to implement innovation instead of talking about it: Consulting offers to help you hand-in-hand to assess innovation capacities and enhance them by designing own innovation management system, that can generate innovative products and services
  • Prepare your organization for the ISO 56000 certification process: Several ISO standards are already published, others will be published soon. Soon the certification of ISO 56000-series will be available for SMEs and corporations. Similar to ISO 9001 of quality management, ISO 56000-series will be an essential benchmark for organizations to establish international partnerships or apply for public funds. Be one of the pioneers to prepare your company for the certification process.
  • We would be happy to offer you tailor-made capacity building & consulting services based on the situation, business field and needs of your organization.