Alfredo Suvelza Partner

areas of expertise
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship promotion
  • Internationalization of firms
  • Access to finance
  • Technology transfer & academy-business linkages
  • Export development and value chains
  • Business modelling, planning, analysis and evaluation
  • Transformation and digitalization strategy
  • e-commerce development and related areas
  • Project portfolio and project management
  • Higher education and training structures and strategies

Alfredo Suvelza is a senior specialist with more than fifteen years of international experience working in close cooperation with governments, international cooperation agencies, economic promotion institutions, universities and, of course, several companies in different countries. Besides working with firms and actors of the private sector, he has been participating and leading a series of innovative projects and start-ups, Mr. Suvelza is shareholder in different companies where he provides advisory in areas such as innovation, technology transfer, access to finance and internationalization. His work also comprises the development of strategies, structures, and capabilities for private sector development, advising and designing solutions for macro, meso and organizational levels, on the other hand.

“Alfredo Suvelza is a senior international expert in key areas of private sector development and is involved in a series of innovative projects.”

His activities as expert, researcher, author, and trainer comprise over 40 projects in 26 countries in Europe, Central, South and South-East Asia, Middle East, Central and South America and Africa. After getting his Master’s in Business Administration in Germany, Mr. Suvelza became a lecturer and researcher at the Leipzig University, where he continues lecturing MBA students and sharing his knowledge and experience, just as he has been doing for years in other postgraduate programs for different universities in other continents.

contact details

Brandvorwerkstr. 54
04125 Leipzig

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